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Sorry about the prolonged absence.
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First I had my shop open at the PX (which was seven-day weeks for most of the past three months), and while I was there (I had a Nook full of fic--not just SPN but SGA and Sherlock) I got back into Sherlock in a big way, so while this comm isn't defunct, I probably won't be updating it nearly as regularly. (Also I'm wishing I'd made it more of a "fandom vertical file" so that I could do with Sherlock resources what I was starting to do with the SPN stuff.

But I'm always looking for fanart, vids, fanfiction, and the like in SPN so if you have any suggestions I'm always glad of them. (And if you have Sherlock fanwork suggestions those are of course welcome too!)

Fic Quotes #13
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Pairings/genres this post: gen; Castiel/Crowley, Castiel/Dean, and Lucifer/Sam in a high school AU; Sam/Dean

If Dean wakes up in the backseat of his supposedly dead brother’s car, with his dead brother driving, they’re going to get in a wreck. And he kind of likes his car, likes that his iPod isn’t going to get flung unceremoniously into the backseat.


Samuel doesn’t move. “He looks a lot like your mother. They got that same pretty little nose. Bet he got beat up a lot in school.”

As much as he wishes Samuel would fuck off, Sam can’t resist a little smile and even a laugh. “No. Dad had us throwing punches before we could walk.”

Samuel nods. “That chest wound’s gonna hurt later. I think we’ve got some--”

“--it’s fine. We’re fine. Just... he’s going to freak when he wakes up, and all of you aren’t going to help. So get the fuck out - that's the politest I can be."

--The Ache, by triquetralmoon, (gen)

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Rec Posts
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Last updated 10-22-12

Needless to say, there will be some overlap here between these recs and mine because it's pretty common to read something that's been rec'd and then rec it oneself. Enjoy. :)

Rec Comms:

rocksalt_recs: recs of all sorts

j2_recs: Jensen/Jared recs by category

Vaired Pairings and Genres

roque_clasique's rec tag: various pairings and AUs

By Category

Serial Killer AUs at spnroundtable. Sam/Dean, gen, and Jensen/Jared.

Serial Killer AUs, by yourrighteye. Sam-Dean gen and J2 AUs. (NTW for rich text)

Slave!fic at spnroundtable. All Jensen/Jared.

Mishalecki at spnroundtable. Jared/Misha (obviously).

High School AUs from spn_school_au. Two Dean/Castiel, one Jared/Jensen.

Dean/Castiel: Thematic Rec Lists, by tracy. Categories: gen fic, feel-good fic, hilarious 'n' cute, angsty fic, gratuitous smut, bottom!Dean, bottom!Castiel, Castiel's first time, wing!fic, BAMF!Cas, h/c: Castiel!whump, h/c: Dean!whump, dub/non-con, fic about Hell, falling/fallen fic, amnesia fic, time travel fic, vessel fic, future fic, and AUs.

Swing-Set13's Epic Dean/Castiel AU list, by swing_set13au. An exhaustive list that's alphabetical by profession. Members-only locked, but membership is open.

Prostitution/rentboy!Dean at hoodie_time. Different parts of the timeline (mostly pre-series), various pairings, various levels of consent.

Dean & John recs at hoodie_time. Mostly gen, some Dean/John, Dean/OMC, etc.

Destiel Fic Rec List, by angel_kink. Categories: general Dean/Cas recs, PWP, halo!fic, wing!fic, and oil-gland!kink.

Sabriel Fic Rec List, by angel_kink. Exactly what it says on the tin.

Recs from Tumblr

Sam & Dean Fic Recommendations. Gen and slash.

And the Fuck Yeah SPN Hear Our Voice Fic Rec Tag.

Losechesters fic rec tag. Lots of asks with recs for answers and categories alpha/beta/omega, BDSM sub!Cas, Destiel jealousy, Destiel PWP, Destiel genderswap, Destiel wing!fic/wing!kink, fuck or die/sex pollen, Wincestiel and Team Free Love, Cockles, and Destiel AUs.

[SC] More Unsorted Masterposts
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http://meus-venator.livejournal.com/8437.html (wincest, J2, other)

http://erufic.livejournal.com/372.html (gen, J2, fic journal of (LJ)erushi)

http://fleshflutter.livejournal.com/132038.html (wincest, destiel, other)

http://innie-darling.livejournal.com/137485.html#cutid24 (gen and het, but focus still seems to be on Sam and Dean. Some slash but no Wincest)

http://britomart-is.livejournal.com/99443.html (gen, wincest)

http://vaingirlfic.livejournal.com/20354.html#cutid1 (Sam/Dean, Sam/Jess, Sam/Jess/Dean, others)

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Fic Quotes #12
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Pairings/genres this post: Sam/Dean, Jensen/Jared, Chad/Misha, gen (MLP:FIM crossover/fusion

“You were researching sex? Wow. I can’t even believe we’re related.”

“Will you stop talking about us being related when we’re talking about having sex?” At Dean’s bemused expression, Sam gave a nod and continued. “So, there’s some stuff we should try.”

--Anti-kink fic: Bondage, by ash_carpenter, (Sam/Dean)


For Jared's 19th birthday, Jensen gives him a gold bracelet with the word "entanglement" engraved on the inside, and the word "irreversibility" engraved on the outside, and explains what the terms mean in physics; entanglement is a phenomenon in which the quantum states of two objects become linked together so that one can't be fully described without describing the other, and irreversibility is the statement that these objects, after this process has taken place, cannot be changed back to their initial states. Jared thinks it's even sweeter and more meaningful than when Jensen said "I love you" the first time. He wears the bracelet constantly and never takes it off.

--45 Things You Didn't Know About But Then, My Homework Was Never Quite Like This (Homework 'Verse), by (AO3)nyxocity, (Jared/Jensen, AU)

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My Recs: Destiel #2
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My Recs #7: Destiel #2

Prince Castiel and the Quest for 100 Orgasms, by luchia13. AU, crack. Castiel knows about how gladiators can win their freedom by winning 100 fights, so Castiel has decided to operate under the assumption that if Dean has 100 orgasms, he might let Castiel go. No actual porn, sadly. (R)

Bath Time, by lafleurdumal85. Profound bond, meet cultural differences. (PG-13)

Public Enemy #1, by sparky77. Goes AU sometime during S5. Once Lucifer is gone, someone has to run Hell. That someone is Castiel. (PG)

Spilt Milk, by sparky77. A rather awesome (and cracky) way that Sam gets Dean and Cas together. (PG) (Podfic!)

Steadfast, by (AO3)rivkat. Post "Sex and Violence." Short, but moving.

So Glad We Made It, by (AO3)scaramouche. Human AU in which the Winchesters move into town when Dean is 12 and meets Cas, who lives with his abusive uncle Zachariah. They're best friends from day one, and then Dean realizes he's in love with Cas. There's more to it than that, but I don't want to spoil the whole thing. (R)

There's Only One Sure Thing That I Know, by blinkiesays. Dean doesn’t even get halfway through explaining before Bobby starts laughing. When he lets himself think about it for more than five seconds, Dean can almost see Bobby’s point: he’s faced down demons, witches, vampires, werewolves, ghosts, angels, and Satan himself and now he’s been defeated by the God damn Midwest. (R? I don't remember.)

300 Things, by cautionzombies. Human AU in which Dean is a struggling 24-year-old college student working two jobs to put 16-year-old Sam through private school, and Castiel is the professor who gives him a break and eventually becomes a friend to both brothers and more to Dean, with Sam's help. (NC-17)

A Brief Glimpse, by CloudyJenn (cloudy_fic). Human AU. Castiel is utterly convinced he can't love anyone, but Sam, so when a strange occurrence at a carnival shows him otherwise, he doesn't know what to do. (PG-13)

A Judicious Application of Free Will, by (DW)scaramouche. Dean lives the simple life in Lawrence, running the family business at Winchester Hardware. When Castiel moves into the neighborhood, they strike up a friendship that has the chance to become something more. But before that can run its course, the secrets of Castiel’s past catch up with them both, and their whole world changes. AU...until it's not. (NC-17)

Fic Quotes #11
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Pairings this post: Castiel/Dean/Gabriel/Sam, Castiel/Dean/Sam, Dean/Sam

“Um,” Sam said carefully, somewhere behind Dean.

It was Sam’s “I think something is wrong” voice #281 - the “Dean what prank have you played on me while I was asleep” voice with an edge of “just how drunk was I last night”. No actual panic. Worth waking up, not worth opening eyes, not until potential for actual mocking presented itself.

Okay then.


“Sam,” he mumbled, “gerroffmyneck.”

“I’m not touching your neck, Dean,” Sam grumped, in “we have more important things to worry about right now, Dean, ohmygod, how is this my life and how am I related to you and I think I got my panties in a twist somewhere” voice #4. (He had about thirteen of those.)

Someone licked Dean’s ear, all wet and sloppy. Then they pressed a smirk against it. Definitely a smirk.

“I’m touching your neck,” Gabriel said helpfully.

Dean considered this.

“Huh,” he contributed, after a moment’s fuzzy thought.


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My Recs: Wincest #3
[ other ] lite brite
Fic Recs #6: Wincest #3

Not Long At All, by dragonspell. More curtain!fic with really awesome porn. I love how Sam and Dean accommodate each other's preferences in this one. (NC-17) (Podfic!)

At the End of the Day, by dragonspell. I was hoping I'd find this fic again, after reading it somewhere (apparently the kink meme :P) awhile back. Sam and Dean shower together and enjoy the physical closeness of it all. Reads almost like pre-slash or slashy gen. (PG) (Podfic!)

Structurally Sound, by dragonspell. Includes top!Sammy being awesome and needing control and bottom!Dean needing structure. Have I mentioned how much I love this dynamic? Because I love this dynamic. (NC-17)

Solid Oak, by (AO3)dragonspell. Hot kitchen sex as my domestic!fic kick continues. Includes Jealous!Possessive!Sammy, which is fucking hot, and a bit of possible exhibitionism, which is also hot. (NC-17)

Imaginary Lines Were Meant to Be Crossed, by (AO3)dragonspell. First time fic. Once they admit what they both want, things get frenzied and they want to do everything at once. (NC-17)

Twink, by verucasalt123. After "The French Mistake," Sam and Dean talk about the Days of Our Lives clip...much to Dean's chagrin. (light R...ish? I dunno)

Pavlov's Bell, by lyra_wing. Biting. UNF.

Just Like, by sorrelchestnut. Sam and Dean have Words after the events of "Asylum." It ends well.

Like a Fish out of Water, by (AO3)nyxocity. Post-Plucky's, the Big Fuck-Off Battle is stopped by God, who takes away all the supernatural shit. They get Cas back, but even he is all human and a bit overwhelmed by the emotion-ness of it all. It takes awhile to get to it, but the sex is hot and Sam's dirty talk is downright scorching (especially since it's my favorite kind, the compliment-y, non-degrading kind. Also, some light bondage and Dom/sub.). And God is an asshole, but not a total asshole. Also, some truly awesome original characters. :) (NC-17)

Stumbling Along, by lifting_latches. From the preview of the second sequel: Dean has unconscious episodes in which he regularly walks miles and miles from his home, and Castiel is the one who fetches him back to Sam.. Semi-retired, hurt/comfort (hurt!Dean) future-fic, and I do recommend both the sequels. The second sequel is a bit Destiel, though. (PG)

Fic Quotes #10
[ other ] lite brite
Pairings this post: Sam/Dean, Sam/Dean genderswap (well, biological sex-swap) femslash, Gabriel/Dean, Dean/Castiel/Gabriel, Sam/Castiel and Dean/various people in a hot tub in the same fic, gen

The pavement gives out under construction and Dean grits his teeth so they won’t rattle. He can’t grit his balls, though, (he’s tried), [...]

--It's The Blueprint Of Your Life, by queenklu, (Sam/Dean)


Sam is on him, tackling him onto the bed. Muscle memory has Dean’s elbow swinging up to hit Sam’s face—which Sam dodges, thankfully, and pins Dean to the mattress like it’s no effort at all. Well, after the first few seconds it is no effort, because Dean gives up, downstairs brain hijacking his muscles and whispering, Chill dude, roll over, this is the way we get sex.

--yellows, angles or silences by queenklu, (Sam/Dean)


"It's fucking gross, Dean."

"No, it's not. I can't believe you're such a prude that a few slimy tentacles gross you out."

"I can't believe you're such a weirdo that you find nothing wrong with that sentence."

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My Recs: Gen #2
[ other ] lite brite
My Recs #5: Gen #2

Sapphires in his Eyes, by quellefromage. Coda to "A Very Supernatural Christmas." Dean plays Santa with stolen presents and Sam gets a sparkly present. (PG for language)

Everything I Know About Marine Biology I Learned from My Brother, by kroki_refur. Dean discovers the other use for the internet, classifying the different forms of Sammy. Cracktastic. (PG-13)

Summer Camp, by gigglingkat. John sends seven-year-old Dean to a week-long summer camp. Hijinks ensue. This will alternately make you sad for someone and crack your shit up. (G) (Podfic!)

Sandwich Fueled Righteousness, by uselessplayback. Dammit, Demons, Cas just wants to eat the awesome sandwich Dean made him! Crack, with awesome cracky art. Sam's faaaaace! :D (G)

White Lamb, by (FF)liliaeth. Criminal Minds crossover. Sam becomes an FBI agent at the BAU and doesn't believe in the supernatural anymore...until he and the BAU meet up with Dean, who's trying to stop the alpha shapeshifter. Background Sam/Jess, minor Sam/Garcia. (PG)

At Night, by (FF)pixel-0. AU of "Faith" where there's no reaper-controlling faith healer's wife and Dean dies slowly. Hell of a tearjerker. (PG)

all you need is faith, by race_the_ace. Sam and Jess, Sam and Dean, free hugs.

Getting to Gone, by mara_snh. Sam POV in the couple of years before he leaves for Stanford. Excellent little details and wow, this is the tearjerkiest gen fic I've read in a long time. (R)

NS: Two for "Porky's II", by mara_snh. A little Supernatural flashback to 1998 or thereabouts, to explain why Sammy said "Porky's II" (in "Monster Movie") when Dean made him guess what movie he was thinking life should be like. Gen, but can be read as pre-slash. XD (PG I guess.)

Gone With the Wendigo, by (AO3)bellatemple. A Season 7 AU crossover/fusion with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Not as cracky as you might think. There's plot and great dialogue (I collected at least three quotes from this story) and even a happy ending, which Sam and Dean never seem to get outside fanfic. (Also, this fic has convinced me to actually sit down and watch all of MLP:FIM.) (PG-13)

Fic Quotes #9
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Pairings this post: Wincest, gen


The image of fucking Sam here — while nice — made him think of all the motel rooms he’d ever been in. They’d grown up in motels, and they reminded him of work and hunts and dad, and of all the times a motel room had meant whatever happens tonight will be forgotten once you leave.

He didn’t want Sam to leave.

“I want to do it right,” he whispered. “And if you ever tell anyone what a fucking pussy I sound like, I will kill you and stuff you in the trunk and make your ghost help me with the fucking hunts.”


As they pulled up to the parking lot to the cemetery, Dean threw him a wide grin. “You know, most kids grew up being told not to play in the dirt and get horribly filthy.”

“Somehow I think most kids when they play in the dirt aren’t going and digging up graves of angry spirits,” Sam pointed out, though he couldn’t work much heat into the comment in the face of his brother’s obvious happiness.

Dean frowned at him as he parked the car next to a huge old ash tree. “Don’t you ever pretend we’re digging a tunnel to China?”

Sam stared at him. “You pretend we’re digging a tunnel to China?”

“Not anymore.” Dean made a face. “But when I was little, sometimes. Yeah. Or I’d pretend I was digging an underground bunker to hide from the alien invaders.”

“Your brain scares me sometimes.”

“My brain? We’re digging up corpses, and my brain is what scares you?” Dean gave him a dubious look as he climbed out of the car. He walked around to the trunk and popped it open, then pulled up the top panel, revealing an array of weapons.

“The digging up corpses I’ve got used to,” Sam said, joining him at the trunk. “Your brain keeps surprising me.”


“Sam, do you remember when you were eleven and I told you about the Easter Bunny?” Dean was still frowning in that earnest way, like he was actually having a serious conversation.

“You told me that he was real, but was a monster that dipped children in boiling chocolate,” Sam said with a snort at the memory.

“And when did you figure out I was lying?”

“You want to break open the coffin and I’ll pour the salt?” Sam said, avoiding the question.

A delighted grin appeared on his brother’s face. “Sammy? When did you figure out I was lying?” He bent over to break open the coffin, though. The wood broke with a loud crack, and Dean reached down to pull the lid up.

Sam wrinkled his nose at the odour drifted up from the open coffin. “The next Easter, when I asked Dad when he was going to hunt it down,” he admitted grudgingly.

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My Recs: Gen #1
[ other ] lite brite
My Recs #4: Gen #1

High Minded, by alethialia. Dean gets "spooged on" by a posessed clump of mushrooms and goes on a fucking hilarious trip. Seriously, the world needs more of this type of crack!fic. Or rather shroom!fic. :P (PG-13) Also, the podfic is freaking awesome and has its own laugh track. XD

Light, Refracted, by alethialia. It's a dark twist on the Pilot. I'm impressed with how in-character this is, even with all the alterations from canon. (Gen, R)

Brought to you by the letter "I", by bertee. Not-Wincest. Castiel compares Sam and Dean to Bert and Ernie after "learning" from Dean that Bert and Ernie are gay. (PG-13)

Just Another Kid, by (FF)CagedTroll. An outsider's POV on the Winchesters after a high school Sam breaks his wrist during practice. Pre-series, gen. (PG?) (Also, podfic.)

Half-caf double-vanilla, by pianoforeplay. Sam and coffee, pre-series to S6. Dean POV. (PG-13)

Seven Warning Signs Your Brother is Having a Midlife Crisis, by debbiel66. Dean is acting strangely. Sam is worried and later suspicious and later touched. But not that kind of touched for once. ;P (R for language) (Podfic!)

Laugh With The Sinners, Cry With The Saints by (FF)CagedTroll. Gen. Hurty as fuck. I cried several times. I'd forgotten that fic of this quality could be found at ff.net. (PG-13 I guess)

Peanuts, by kalliel. Stanford era. Jess and Sam's other Stanford friends want him to talk about his past. Sam doesn't want to. So one of them makes up a rather sordid past. This does not go over well with Sam. (PG-13)

Locks on the Door, by chasingtides. Dean Winchester's queer experience. Goes pre-series to "It's A Terrible Life." Love Sam at the end. XD (PG-13)

Equal Opportunity, by cleflink. Dean/Everything and poor Sam whenever he gets an eye-full or too much detail afterward. Five things Dean had sex with that weren't human. (Can read one section as Destiel if you feel like it, I suppose.) (PG)

Fic Quotes #8
[ other ] lite brite
Ships/genres this post: gen, Sam/Dean (including one Weecest), John/OMC

Sammy flops back against his chair, the plastic back creaking distressingly, and glares down at his half-empty bowl. “This isn’t cool. We’ve been eating cereal for three days now ‘cause we can’t afford real food, and we’re living in a rubbish apartment that smells weird, and we have no idea where our dad is. This is,” he pauses, floundering, and looks up at Dean from under his scruffy bangs. “This is seriously uncool.”

--Lashings of Ginger Beer, by wanttobeatree, (gen)


Dean slides his hand down Sam's stomach, Sam shivering under it as Dean reaches down to palm Sam's cock through his jeans, grinds the heel of his hand into it as Sam whimpers a little, tiny nip at his earlobe making him arch up into Dean's hand as he whispers, “Got myself off in the bathroom of the diner thinking about sucking your cock, Sammy,” fucking christ, Dean better do it quick or he'll just be licking the come off of Sam's boxers again.

--filthy weecest with fake-innocent!Sammy and needy!Dean and suspicious-but-in-denial!John, by saltandbyrne, (Sam/Dean, weecest)


Hey, when - when I go... truth is, Sammy, I'm expecting great things outta ya. Fuck hunting and the blue-collar shit, you're gonna make Winchester history, living large off some cushy lawyering gig. I'm talking six-figure salary here, geekstein, and like, a pool in the backyard filled with those… colory straw things…I think they're called noodles? Yeah. Yeah, there better be some fucking noodles in that pool, bitch. Ain't no kind of pool without some noodles.

--Voicemail, by (FF)rockpaperscissor


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My Recs: Wincest #2
[ other ] lite brite
My Recs #3: Wincest #2

Informed Consent, by concernedlily. Early S4. Tattoos, toppy!Sam and bottom!Dean, first time, so scorching hot. (NC-17)

can be deceiving, by bertee. Early S3. Outsider POV. (PG-13)

Hell's Antiques are NOT Sex Toys!, by lori_leaf and bertee. Dean begs to differ. BoyKing!Sam/Evil!Dean, various demons. Utterly cracktastic. (NC-17) (Podfic!)

But If You Ask Me Who (It's Always Been You), by lazy_daze. Shmooptastically shmooptacular. Also, hot gay Ghostbusters. :P (R)

The Trophy Case, by cherie_morte at infatuated_ink. Smut and shmoop. Schmutt? Also hurt/comfort dealing with Dean no longer having his scars after the beginning of S4. (NC-17)

In Paradise, All is Forgiven, by cherie_morte at infatuated_ink. This one is super hurty but has a happy ending. Includes a lovely helpful-as-he-can-be Cas. (PG-13)

In the Hearts of Honest Men, by wraith816. In which Dean is thankful and Sam is a smartass. (PG-13)

He Who Fights With Monsters, by bellajayd. It's John POV but not a John-finds-out story. Starts pre-series and goes AU from there. (PG-13)

I Got Some Beer and the Highway's Free, by musesfool. Domestic fic, post-S3 as Dean recovers from Hell. (PG-13)

it's not the years, honey, it's the mileage, by ignited. Post-S3 futurefic in which Dean is a film professor and Sam is in artifact acquisition. (NC-17)

Fic Challenge Masterposts
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(Last updated 09-19-12)

>> Secret Santa 2009
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>> Secret Angels I (02/22/2009: date the master post was posted)
>> QUICKFIRE 'Fortune Cookie Says' (07/182009)
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>> 12 Days of Christmas - Filled Prompts! (12/29/2010)

>> Round One

>> 2011 Masterlist

>> Round One Master List
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>> Complete List of Stories (updated to the 8th of 9 challenges)

My Recs: Destiel #1
[ other ] lite brite
My Recs #2: Destiel #1

Once Over, by etcetera_kit. Human AU, most of which takes place at a gay club with a back room. Dean the exhibitionist and Cas the voyeur and this is one of the hottest stories I've read ever ever ever, regardless of fandom or lack thereof. It also has some rather sweet parts. (NC-17)

:D?, by aramleys_words. Gen-ish CRAAAACK. Dean gets whammied to talk in textspeak/netspeak by a teenage witch. Sam wishes he'd made a recording. Cas is confuzzled. (PG-13)

Bring it on Home, by aramley. Preslash implied. After the events of 5x13, Cas makes an unintended detour and meets 20 year old Dean and 16 year old Sam.

Holding Hands with a God (Podfic!) and A Graying Tower, Alone on the Sea, by (DW)scaramouche. Dean is a superhero with Issues, and Cas is a more-or-less mild-mannered reporter who wants an interview. In the sequel, they're dating. Equal parts hot, gritty and complicated and very in-character despite the AU-ness of itall. (NC-17, NC-17)

Asunder, by (AO3)rageprufrock. AU in which Dean is a social worker and Cas is a pediatric surgeon and Sam is a recovering drug addict and Ruby was his enabler and now Sam and Ruby are getting married and Den has asked Castiel to be his date. Angsty with just the right amount of comic relief. (NC-17) (Podfic!)

Start Quoting Shakespeare and We're Done, by pyrebi. Not just Destiel but also Sabriel. Awesome human AU which I could easily have copied way more than the three quotes I did. I wish this fic went on forever! (PG-13) (Podfic!)

Long Nights in Cold Months Mini AU in which Dean is an insomniac (and an orderly at a nursing home) and Cas is an underemployed college professor who works overnights at Wal-Mart. Yet another Pyrebi fic which I wish had gone on forever. (PG-13)

The Subtle Art of Getting There, by thinlizzy2 at queer_fest. In which Dean deals with internalized homophobia, comes out to Sam, and gets his happily ever efter with Cas. (R)

I Cleanse The Mirror, by takadainmate. Dean gets in Cas's head. Well, body. (No, not like that, though this is pre-slash.) Dean gets a glimpse of how differently Cas experiences things. (R for language and violence)

Supernatural Romance, by cupidsbow. Cracktastic meta-ish fic, with pictures. Also, soul baby. XD (PG-13)

Fic Quotes #7
[ other ] lite brite
Pairings this post: Dean/Castiel/Sam, Sam/Dean (including one sort-of Weecest), gen, Dean/Castiel

“This is your first time, right Cas?” Sam asked, crowded against Castiel on one side. Dean pressed up against him on the other.

“Yes,” Castiel said, blushing slightly from the confession, unseemly as it was since he was a trembling pile of desire trapped between two very visibly aroused men who seemed very interested in him all of a sudden.

Castiel watched as the two men shared another look, and then a smirk. Over his chest, they each held out a hand, counted to three and then stuck out two different hand signals, one pair of scissors, one piece of paper. Dean cheered with joy over his choice of scissors, while Sam just rolled his eyes. He was smiling too, though.

--The First Time, dc_derringer, (Dean/Cas/Sam)


How long before it all catches up to him? How long before every old bullet wound and broken bone becomes an ache in his body that’s a chink in his armor?

He thinks maybe Dean has already thought of all of this and knows what’s coming. He can’t really remember a time, even when they were young, when that awareness wasn’t right there in his brother’s eyes. He thinks probably Dean has never expected to grow old or die of natural causes. Maybe he doesn’t even want to. He tries to think back far enough and wonders if little boy Dean even thought he was going to grow up.

The idea makes him kind of sad for hypothetically fatalistic little boy Dean.

--Once Soft as Water, lustmordred, (Sam/Dean)


Sam took a deep breath and leaned his head back against the door. “So, you missed me then?” he said.

Dean rolled his eyes and stepped back to sort out his clothing. “Missed getting my chicken choked, maybe.”

“Nice,” said Sam, making a face. “You just keep getting classier, Dean.” The buzzing in his head had stepped up to a definite ache, despite the relief of having Dean and Dad back.

Dean shrugged. “If you wanted classy, you wouldn't be jerking your brother off in a closet.”

“Ugh,” said Sam. “Just stop talking, please. Jesus.”

--Extraterrestrial, by flawedamythyst, (Sam/Dean, weecest-ish [Sam is 17])


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For fic authors who don't have a master post.
[ other ] lite brite
For anyone who doesn't have a master post of fic and would like one made, just let me know by commenting here. I can post it here at this comm or at my DW where I host the two I've already done just for my convenience (here and here). Yours will look more like the latter because with the first one I really was going for my own convenience and 99% of the fic in that journal had only one pairing. The second one's formatting is copied and pasted from the headers of the fics themselves since I liked the author's formatting. Though I should probably go back and bold the categories so it'll look prettier, like this (this sample is from one of lexicale's fics):

The Quiet Gift
Rating: PG-13
Genre/pairing: Gen
Characters: Dean and Sam Winchester, periferal Bobby
Word count: 1,497
Summary: Ten years later, they're keeping on keeping on. And they have a farmhouse.

Thoughts? Opinions? Any takers? Anything I should change in the format?

This offer is for SPN fic only. Also, it's not LJ-specific. Dreamwidth, AO3, Sinful Desire, whatever. :)

My Recs: Wincest #1
[ other ] lite brite
I'm still trying to figure out how to sort and make pretty my collection of others' rec posts, so in the meantime, here are some of my recs. As you can tell by the title of this post, I'm organizing the recs by pairing (if any, or more-ing) rather than genre or by pairing then genre, though I probably will eventually if I could figure out how to do that neatly.

My Recs #1: Wincest #1

Roadside Service by (AO3)dragonspell. Sex in the backseat of the Impala. 'Nuff said. Also, good banter. (NC-17) (Podfic!)

A Bleak Understanding in Reverse, by lustmordred. Established relationship. Sam is dying of brain cancer. Dean is not handling it well. (NC-17)

His blood runs through my instrument, by pianoforeplay who is not the first person to write really freaking adorable consensual sibling incest, but who has done it well and with a geeky twist. Weecest--Sam is 15. (NC-17)

Wedding Crashed, by (AO3)dragonspell and (AO3)MoragMacPherson. The story part is okay but the porn at the end is really hot. (NC-17)

Autumn Leaves, by (AO3)dragonspell. A beautiful Weecest first-time story which also has some gorgeous art by smallworld_inc. (NC-17)

Taking the Fifth, by (AO3)Astolat. AU in which Sam was taken away as an infant and Dean and Sam don't learn that they're siblings until they're already an item. (NC-17)

Since Feeling is First, by queenklu. Domestic!fic, Sam getting used to having his soul back (how it happened differs from canon), first time. Also, potato salad. XD (NC-17) (Podfic!)

Incest Powers ACTIVATE, by silverpenlight. So here's the thing. Apparently, psychic powers are contagious. And not only that, they're STDs. (R...ish.)

Scratch, by lazy_daze. Established Sam/Dean. Sam has become nervous and jumpy about being touched, but he is also touch-deprived and craving contact. Dean gets that sex, or perhaps even a brotherly clap on the shoulder, isn't something Sam can do right now. So Dean gets Sam a cat. Sam gradually relaxes and moves back into human contact. (PG-13)

The Real Deal by Anonymous at blindfold_spn. AU in which Dean is Sam's submissive and goes with Sam to Stanford. Sam's new friends find it hard to reconcile the Dean who can hustle pool and kick ass with the Dean who curls up at Sam's feet to watch a movie. (PGish?)


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