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My Recs: Destiel #1
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simonejester wrote in spnverticalfile
My Recs #2: Destiel #1

Once Over, by etcetera_kit. Human AU, most of which takes place at a gay club with a back room. Dean the exhibitionist and Cas the voyeur and this is one of the hottest stories I've read ever ever ever, regardless of fandom or lack thereof. It also has some rather sweet parts. (NC-17)

:D?, by aramleys_words. Gen-ish CRAAAACK. Dean gets whammied to talk in textspeak/netspeak by a teenage witch. Sam wishes he'd made a recording. Cas is confuzzled. (PG-13)

Bring it on Home, by aramley. Preslash implied. After the events of 5x13, Cas makes an unintended detour and meets 20 year old Dean and 16 year old Sam.

Holding Hands with a God (Podfic!) and A Graying Tower, Alone on the Sea, by (DW)scaramouche. Dean is a superhero with Issues, and Cas is a more-or-less mild-mannered reporter who wants an interview. In the sequel, they're dating. Equal parts hot, gritty and complicated and very in-character despite the AU-ness of itall. (NC-17, NC-17)

Asunder, by (AO3)rageprufrock. AU in which Dean is a social worker and Cas is a pediatric surgeon and Sam is a recovering drug addict and Ruby was his enabler and now Sam and Ruby are getting married and Den has asked Castiel to be his date. Angsty with just the right amount of comic relief. (NC-17) (Podfic!)

Start Quoting Shakespeare and We're Done, by pyrebi. Not just Destiel but also Sabriel. Awesome human AU which I could easily have copied way more than the three quotes I did. I wish this fic went on forever! (PG-13) (Podfic!)

Long Nights in Cold Months Mini AU in which Dean is an insomniac (and an orderly at a nursing home) and Cas is an underemployed college professor who works overnights at Wal-Mart. Yet another Pyrebi fic which I wish had gone on forever. (PG-13)

The Subtle Art of Getting There, by thinlizzy2 at queer_fest. In which Dean deals with internalized homophobia, comes out to Sam, and gets his happily ever efter with Cas. (R)

I Cleanse The Mirror, by takadainmate. Dean gets in Cas's head. Well, body. (No, not like that, though this is pre-slash.) Dean gets a glimpse of how differently Cas experiences things. (R for language and violence)

Supernatural Romance, by cupidsbow. Cracktastic meta-ish fic, with pictures. Also, soul baby. XD (PG-13)


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