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My Recs: Wincest #3
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simonejester wrote in spnverticalfile
Fic Recs #6: Wincest #3

Not Long At All, by dragonspell. More curtain!fic with really awesome porn. I love how Sam and Dean accommodate each other's preferences in this one. (NC-17) (Podfic!)

At the End of the Day, by dragonspell. I was hoping I'd find this fic again, after reading it somewhere (apparently the kink meme :P) awhile back. Sam and Dean shower together and enjoy the physical closeness of it all. Reads almost like pre-slash or slashy gen. (PG) (Podfic!)

Structurally Sound, by dragonspell. Includes top!Sammy being awesome and needing control and bottom!Dean needing structure. Have I mentioned how much I love this dynamic? Because I love this dynamic. (NC-17)

Solid Oak, by (AO3)dragonspell. Hot kitchen sex as my domestic!fic kick continues. Includes Jealous!Possessive!Sammy, which is fucking hot, and a bit of possible exhibitionism, which is also hot. (NC-17)

Imaginary Lines Were Meant to Be Crossed, by (AO3)dragonspell. First time fic. Once they admit what they both want, things get frenzied and they want to do everything at once. (NC-17)

Twink, by verucasalt123. After "The French Mistake," Sam and Dean talk about the Days of Our Lives clip...much to Dean's chagrin. (light R...ish? I dunno)

Pavlov's Bell, by lyra_wing. Biting. UNF.

Just Like, by sorrelchestnut. Sam and Dean have Words after the events of "Asylum." It ends well.

Like a Fish out of Water, by (AO3)nyxocity. Post-Plucky's, the Big Fuck-Off Battle is stopped by God, who takes away all the supernatural shit. They get Cas back, but even he is all human and a bit overwhelmed by the emotion-ness of it all. It takes awhile to get to it, but the sex is hot and Sam's dirty talk is downright scorching (especially since it's my favorite kind, the compliment-y, non-degrading kind. Also, some light bondage and Dom/sub.). And God is an asshole, but not a total asshole. Also, some truly awesome original characters. :) (NC-17)

Stumbling Along, by lifting_latches. From the preview of the second sequel: Dean has unconscious episodes in which he regularly walks miles and miles from his home, and Castiel is the one who fetches him back to Sam.. Semi-retired, hurt/comfort (hurt!Dean) future-fic, and I do recommend both the sequels. The second sequel is a bit Destiel, though. (PG)

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