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Fic Quotes #12
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simonejester wrote in spnverticalfile
Pairings/genres this post: Sam/Dean, Jensen/Jared, Chad/Misha, gen (MLP:FIM crossover/fusion

“You were researching sex? Wow. I can’t even believe we’re related.”

“Will you stop talking about us being related when we’re talking about having sex?” At Dean’s bemused expression, Sam gave a nod and continued. “So, there’s some stuff we should try.”

--Anti-kink fic: Bondage, by ash_carpenter, (Sam/Dean)


For Jared's 19th birthday, Jensen gives him a gold bracelet with the word "entanglement" engraved on the inside, and the word "irreversibility" engraved on the outside, and explains what the terms mean in physics; entanglement is a phenomenon in which the quantum states of two objects become linked together so that one can't be fully described without describing the other, and irreversibility is the statement that these objects, after this process has taken place, cannot be changed back to their initial states. Jared thinks it's even sweeter and more meaningful than when Jensen said "I love you" the first time. He wears the bracelet constantly and never takes it off.

--45 Things You Didn't Know About But Then, My Homework Was Never Quite Like This (Homework 'Verse), by (AO3)nyxocity, (Jared/Jensen, AU)


Jared sighs. “I just don’t get why he thinks the age difference is such a thing, you know?”

“Okay,” Chad says, setting his soda down. He pulls a cigarette from the pack in his pocket and cups his hand around it, lights the tip. He puffs like he’s warming to the subject and takes it between his fingers. “I’m Ackles, right? I’m coming up on thirty. I don’t believe in marriage; I’m also gay, so I’m never gonna have kids. What have I got to look forward to? Rogaine and Viagra and collecting cats and planning my fuckin’ funeral, right? Maybe going batshit senile before that, if I get really lucky,” Chad allows, shrugging. “All I’ve got is my geek-ass career and my boyfriend, and my boyfriend’s like, Lolita. And he’s smart, and he’s good looking. I only got a few years before I start lookin’ like Homer Simpson. Why’s he gonna stay with me?” Chad lifts his hands like that says it all.

Dammit. Okay, Jensen’s probably not in any danger of looking like Homer Simpson--ever--but Chad’s got a point. Kind of. In his Chad-way. “I care about so much more than that, though. I don’t care what he looks like, or what he does with his life. I just wanna be with him.”

“It’s like this,” Chad says, leaning forward and pointing at Jared. “I know he could probably show up covered in blood with a basket full of severed fuckin’ heads and you’d be like, ‘hey, need help carrying those?’ But he doesn’t know that.”

“Why not?” Jared asks. “He should know it by now.”

“Cause he’s where he is, and you’re where you are.”

“’Cause I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together?” Jared asks.

“Jay,” Chad says, exhaling in a cloud of smoke. “I love you, but if you start mocking the Beatles I’ll throw you out the fuckin’ front door.”

--I Hold the Lock and You Hold the Key (Homework 'Verse), by nyxocity, (Jared/Jensen)


“I just had a weird dream,” he shrugs.

“Was Chad in it?” Jared asks, teasing.

“Yes,” Jensen says, wry. “And he was very upset with his agent for getting him a part in my dream.”

Jared laughs out loud. “Oh, my God.”

“Tell him and they’ll never find your body.”

--Anywhere but Here (Homework 'Verse), by nyxocity, (Jared/Jensen)


“So I was thinking,” Chad is saying, their shoulders nudging together as they walk towards the door. “When we get back to your place, there’s this thing I heard about…” Chad’s voice drifts out of earshot, and Jensen is profoundly grateful.

“No way. You bottomed in the classroom, it’s my turn to bottom this time,” Misha responds just loud enough for Jensen to catch.

And that. Just.

“What kind of twisted relationship are they going to have?” Jensen asks, staring after them. “They fight about who bottoms?”

“Um, Jensen,” Jared says after a moment. “I have a collar.”

--Rememember the Time (Homework 'Verse), by nyxocity, (Jensen/Jared, Chad/Misha)


"Darkness comes, and the world will fester," Zecora intoned, perching on her hind legs to wave both her front hooves at them. "Upon the arrival of the brothers Winchester!"

Dean groaned. "Really? That's the prophecy?"

"It's very a strong word that's used this time," Zecora admitted, looking a little sheepish. "But 'Winchester' is not that easy to rhyme."

"Sequester," Sam offered. "Semester."

"It's very clear in my books, you see," Zecora continued to Dean as she crossed the room to her bookshelf. "This is not a pleasant prophecy."

"Jester," Sam offered.

"Breast," Dean said. "Er."

Zecora didn't look amused. She looked from Sam to Dean, then back again as if to say 'are you two done, then?'

Only, you know, rhymier.


"I'm Sam," Sam said. "This is my brother Dean. Zecora the zebra sent us here, Ms. Sparkle. She said you might be able to help."

"Twilight," she said. The pink glow surrounded the door and it swung open. "Come on in. I'll certainly do my best!"

She was so damn perky!

Dean let Sam lead the way into the library, if nothing else so he could see just how much his brother and this new pony matched. Purple unicorns were apparently totally a thing around here, though Sam didn't have the little anime girl flair of a purple and pink mane. His was more of a cherry wood color, not too far from his actual hair. Still, purple unicorns. They actually looked kind of adorable together.

And there was a thought Dean was going to be banishing to the dark reaches of nowhere just as soon as everything stopped being pony-shaped.


"[...] I've never seen full grown stallions without cutie marks, before."

"Cutie what-nows?" Dean asked, then recoiled with a whinny as Twilight's jaw actually literally hit the floor.

"Holy crap," Sam said. "Did you just dislocate your jaw?"

Twilight didn't need her hoof to pick her jaw up off the floor this time, she just snapped it shut like she was made entirely of rubber. "Uh -- ha ha, sorry, it seemed like you didn't know what a cutie mark was."

"We don't," said Sam, then held out his hoof. "Please don't drop your jaw again."

"Ah ha ha," said Twilight. She started pacing in a circle. "Oh, no, of course not, I just -- well, everypony knows what -- I mean, it's a cutie mark. It's a pony rite of passage! Like this, see?" And she turned sideways, and pointed to a little pink and white starburst on her flank.

"Ohhhhh," Dean said. "Back home we call that a tramp-stamp."

A book came flying off one of the shelves and whacked Dean in the back of his head. Dean rubbed at it with one hoof and glared at Sam, who was busy looking innocently at the ceiling.

Twilight just blinked at them. "What do hobos have to do with anything?" Dean opened his mouth to give an appropriately inappropriate answer, then caught Sam's glare and closed it again.

He didn't need his unicorn brother magically throwing any more books at him.


"What is it, Fluttershy?" Twilight asked, and Dean ticked off another cutesy name in his mental tally. He was so introducing himself to the next set of ponies as Hotblood Thunderstruck or something.

Sam could be "Acid Reflux".


Sam had already laid claim to one of the haystacks, stretched out on his stomach on top of what looked like a large saddle blanket. "So," he said, when Dean had closed the door behind him. "She seems nice."

"She's [Applejack] the least crazy pony we've met, I'll give you that."

"She's very orange."

"Says the purple unicorn."

"You know that being a purple unicorn doesn't actually invalidate everything I say, right?"

"Go to sleep, Sam."


Then the rainbow of Harmony or whatever wrapped around them both, spinning tighter and tighter until Dean felt like he was being squeezed to death by a sparkly princess boa constrictor.

--Gone With the Wendigo, by (AO3)bellatemple, (gen, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic crossover/fusion)


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