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simonejester wrote in spnverticalfile
Last updated 10-22-12

Needless to say, there will be some overlap here between these recs and mine because it's pretty common to read something that's been rec'd and then rec it oneself. Enjoy. :)

Rec Comms:

rocksalt_recs: recs of all sorts

j2_recs: Jensen/Jared recs by category

Vaired Pairings and Genres

roque_clasique's rec tag: various pairings and AUs

By Category

Serial Killer AUs at spnroundtable. Sam/Dean, gen, and Jensen/Jared.

Serial Killer AUs, by yourrighteye. Sam-Dean gen and J2 AUs. (NTW for rich text)

Slave!fic at spnroundtable. All Jensen/Jared.

Mishalecki at spnroundtable. Jared/Misha (obviously).

High School AUs from spn_school_au. Two Dean/Castiel, one Jared/Jensen.

Dean/Castiel: Thematic Rec Lists, by tracy. Categories: gen fic, feel-good fic, hilarious 'n' cute, angsty fic, gratuitous smut, bottom!Dean, bottom!Castiel, Castiel's first time, wing!fic, BAMF!Cas, h/c: Castiel!whump, h/c: Dean!whump, dub/non-con, fic about Hell, falling/fallen fic, amnesia fic, time travel fic, vessel fic, future fic, and AUs.

Swing-Set13's Epic Dean/Castiel AU list, by swing_set13au. An exhaustive list that's alphabetical by profession. Members-only locked, but membership is open.

Prostitution/rentboy!Dean at hoodie_time. Different parts of the timeline (mostly pre-series), various pairings, various levels of consent.

Dean & John recs at hoodie_time. Mostly gen, some Dean/John, Dean/OMC, etc.

Destiel Fic Rec List, by angel_kink. Categories: general Dean/Cas recs, PWP, halo!fic, wing!fic, and oil-gland!kink.

Sabriel Fic Rec List, by angel_kink. Exactly what it says on the tin.

Recs from Tumblr

Sam & Dean Fic Recommendations. Gen and slash.

And the Fuck Yeah SPN Hear Our Voice Fic Rec Tag.

Losechesters fic rec tag. Lots of asks with recs for answers and categories alpha/beta/omega, BDSM sub!Cas, Destiel jealousy, Destiel PWP, Destiel genderswap, Destiel wing!fic/wing!kink, fuck or die/sex pollen, Wincestiel and Team Free Love, Cockles, and Destiel AUs.


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