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Fic Quotes #13
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simonejester wrote in spnverticalfile
Pairings/genres this post: gen; Castiel/Crowley, Castiel/Dean, and Lucifer/Sam in a high school AU; Sam/Dean

If Dean wakes up in the backseat of his supposedly dead brother’s car, with his dead brother driving, they’re going to get in a wreck. And he kind of likes his car, likes that his iPod isn’t going to get flung unceremoniously into the backseat.


Samuel doesn’t move. “He looks a lot like your mother. They got that same pretty little nose. Bet he got beat up a lot in school.”

As much as he wishes Samuel would fuck off, Sam can’t resist a little smile and even a laugh. “No. Dad had us throwing punches before we could walk.”

Samuel nods. “That chest wound’s gonna hurt later. I think we’ve got some--”

“--it’s fine. We’re fine. Just... he’s going to freak when he wakes up, and all of you aren’t going to help. So get the fuck out - that's the politest I can be."

--The Ache, by triquetralmoon, (gen)


The reason why this wasn’t Castiel’s moment of clarity was simple – he didn’t blow Crowley for the drugs. At least not entirely. The satisfaction he got from frustrating the openly homophobic closeted homosexual was far greater than the swelling of his lungs and brain with more chemicals.


One time, Alistair found a stray cat in his back yard. His parents were out of town. He took it into his basement, where he slowly choked it to death, skinned it, and cut the body into smaller sections. He burned the sections. It was the first time he felt anything in his life. He was eight.

Despite this, Michael Novak scared him.


“Michael called,” The mood in the room shifted. Balthazar and Gabriel tensed, but even they didn’t really see the intense reaction from the crowd. If Michael had called and Azazel wanted to find Lucifer, two things were about to happen: 1. Lucifer did something wrong and there was going to be a giant, cataclysmic fight between the twins or 2. The rapture was upon us and the apocalypse would be happening soon (see option one for details on said apocalypse).


Thank God John never came home last night or Dean would have some serious explaining to do. Though it was doubtful there was any rational explaining away of the very very obvious sounds of heavy making out. Sam’s only solace was that Dean was a gentlemen when he was drunk and when Castiel made a grab for him, Dean chuckled some two-bit line about not giving it up on the first date.

Castiel had said, “Remember Burger King? This is our second date.”

And Dean’s chuckle grew nervous and he said, “Too drunk. Don’t want to regret it.”


Ruby was suddenly squealing like a teenage zombie who got the special brain cake she wanted at her Quinceañera.


It was safer if Castiel turned his head back to the game. Balthazar was elbowing Dean, but as the older boy lacked the necessary skills anyway (read: his army man was walking with his gun pointing at the sky, so he couldn’t even see the bad guys approach), he took the cheating with good humor. He reached to the floor and grabbed the liter of Jameson while the timer counted down to respawn. With one hand gripped around the neck of the bottle, he raised it to lips.

Castiel watched, even from thirty feet away, as his boyfriend’s Adam’s apple bobbed with each swig. He pulled it away before the liquid had slid down the neck, causing some to dribble over his lips and down his chin. Completely unphased, the boy wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, wiped the back of his hand on his pants, set the bottle down, and resumed playing.

“Though I find,” Castiel licked his lips, “that I do enjoy others while they drink alcohol.”


Though he doubted Dean wanted to be affectionate in public if given the choice, Castiel rarely touched him around others. Long story short, with the alcohol in him, he couldn’t take his hands off the attractive, glowing boy in front of him.

It started innocently, a brush of his fingers on the older boy’s arm, a hand placed on his back. Now, Castiel was on his knees behind Dean, knees spread so the older boy’s hips fit between his legs. His fingers traced patterns on Dean’s back through his shirt (he abandoned the leather jacket an hour ago) and in his defense, Dean was trying really hard to ignore the boy’s worship.

The poor bottle of Jameson was his attempt, but it was almost gone.

Occasionally, he said things like, “Cas, quit it. You just made me die.” But those comments resulted in hands moving to the front his shirt, fingernails scraping across his chest and sides. And if nothing else, Dean was a quick learner with that. He kept his mouth shut.

There was a spot on Dean’s neck that Castiel’s eyes focused on. He wanted to be gone. He wanted to be home. Where he could kiss that spot on the boy’s neck.

“Cas,” Dean suddenly hissed quietly. He turned around to look at his boyfriend, pupils blown with lust and alcohol. Castiel stopped moving his hands, unaware they were under Dean’s shirt, acting on their own to unbutton his pants. “Seriously. If you don’t stop, I will throw you on this bed and defile you in front of God and all your friends.”

The noise Castiel made to respond to that threat had Dean pushing the paddle at Balthazar in the middle of a round. The other boys were pleading for Dean to not do it – for them – but they were only saved by Crowley marching downstairs yelling, “Pizza time!”


Sam heard the feet stomping up the stairs around the time he started molding the ground beef into hamburgers. Just his luck. He gets punched in the face by a dude, then the universe punches him in the face by saying oh yeah your brother and his boyfriend are having gay sex right above your head right now.

Whatever, world. Just whatever.


Castiel was not an expert in withdrawal. A lot of things before he started using drugs were blank. But the longer he was sober (two weeks!), and the more the physical signs of addiction went away, the more he had a growing suspicion that seeing demons was not a normal side effect of heroin.

For the most part, he tried shutting his eyes and thinking theyarenotrealtheyarenotreal but when he opened his eyes, more often than not, they only changed in form. The demons didn’t look like ape things with claws anymore, but instead he’d be talking to someone and their eyes would go black. Like a demon possessed the other person. The first time it happened, he was at the Church with Lucifer and Ruby was making Sam do sit-ups while she sat on his back. She turned and looked at him, grinned, and her eyes went black.

Castiel managed to handle that with all the grace he possessed – which was none – and he managed to knock over almost everything in his path as he ran screaming from the Church. It took Lucifer twenty minutes to find him hiding in the woods behind the Church and another fifteen to get him to talk about what he saw.

--We Found Love (In A Hopeless Place), by (AO3)TomiSama04, (Castiel/Crowley, Castiel/Dean, Lucifer/Sam, human AU, high school AU)


They laze around in the complementary, white cotton bathrobes afterwards, drink the complementary champagne and eat the complementary fruit. Sam dips the strawberries in the champagne and tries to feed them to Dean who bats his hand away with a contemptuous snort.

“Christ, dude, you’re so fuckin’ gay.”

“Says the guy who just took it up the ass.”

“From his brother,” points out Dean, “the incest totally cancels out the being totally gay thing.”

Sam pulls a face, “You’re so fucked up.”

“Says the guy who just fucked his brother,” counters Dean with a smirk. He snatches up a peach and takes an enormous bite, juice running down his chin and dripping onto the formally pristine bathrobe. Sam laughs and leans over to lick the peach juice off Dean’s face.


They fuck once more – Dean riding Sam in the leather desk chair – and suck each other off in the enormous wet room before they have to check out. In the elevator ride back down to the lobby, Sam pushes Dean against the mirrored panels and licks over the hickey he sucked into Dean’s throat, panting out, “Happy birthday, big brother,” between long, sloppy kisses. They don’t break apart until they get to the ground floor, despite the horrified stares coming from the elevator’s other occupants.

An older woman glares at them as they exit the elevator, Sam smiles genially back at her and adjusts his pants. Dean watches, busts out laughing as soon as the woman turns her back on them.

“Oh man, Sam, did you see her face when you called me big brother?”

Sam grins smugly and pinches Dean’s ass. “I sure did.”

Dean grabs his hand, pulls him into one last kiss, whispers, “Best birthday ever,” when he finally pulls away.

--Shameless, by sonofabiscuit77, (Sam/Dean)


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