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Fic Quotes #7
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simonejester wrote in spnverticalfile
Pairings this post: Dean/Castiel/Sam, Sam/Dean (including one sort-of Weecest), gen, Dean/Castiel

“This is your first time, right Cas?” Sam asked, crowded against Castiel on one side. Dean pressed up against him on the other.

“Yes,” Castiel said, blushing slightly from the confession, unseemly as it was since he was a trembling pile of desire trapped between two very visibly aroused men who seemed very interested in him all of a sudden.

Castiel watched as the two men shared another look, and then a smirk. Over his chest, they each held out a hand, counted to three and then stuck out two different hand signals, one pair of scissors, one piece of paper. Dean cheered with joy over his choice of scissors, while Sam just rolled his eyes. He was smiling too, though.

--The First Time, dc_derringer, (Dean/Cas/Sam)


How long before it all catches up to him? How long before every old bullet wound and broken bone becomes an ache in his body that’s a chink in his armor?

He thinks maybe Dean has already thought of all of this and knows what’s coming. He can’t really remember a time, even when they were young, when that awareness wasn’t right there in his brother’s eyes. He thinks probably Dean has never expected to grow old or die of natural causes. Maybe he doesn’t even want to. He tries to think back far enough and wonders if little boy Dean even thought he was going to grow up.

The idea makes him kind of sad for hypothetically fatalistic little boy Dean.

--Once Soft as Water, lustmordred, (Sam/Dean)


Sam took a deep breath and leaned his head back against the door. “So, you missed me then?” he said.

Dean rolled his eyes and stepped back to sort out his clothing. “Missed getting my chicken choked, maybe.”

“Nice,” said Sam, making a face. “You just keep getting classier, Dean.” The buzzing in his head had stepped up to a definite ache, despite the relief of having Dean and Dad back.

Dean shrugged. “If you wanted classy, you wouldn't be jerking your brother off in a closet.”

“Ugh,” said Sam. “Just stop talking, please. Jesus.”

--Extraterrestrial, by flawedamythyst, (Sam/Dean, weecest-ish [Sam is 17])


“What the fuck is gingham anyway?” Dean asks as he pets a dark blue, crushed velvet curtain.

“Please stop that,” Sam begs, completely weirded out.

“Stop what? Asking questions? I thought you wanted my help, Sammy. ‘I want your input, Dean. You can’t complain if you don’t help, Dean. This is supposed to be a partnership, Dean. I have a giant vagina, and I want to show it to everyone, Dean.’” Sam can tell that Dean sees the awkward muppet face he's making before he sees the little kid and the kid's horrified mom standing right next to him.

--Retired at Thirty, by clex_monkie89, (Sam/Dean)


“I’m gonna beat you until candy comes out if you don’t turn the light off and go to sleep,” Sam said through clenched teeth.

--Pillow Talk, eighth_horizon, (gen)


John didn't say a word about their disobedience. They rode home in the back of the Impala trying to be very quiet lest they accidentally prod their father into remembering he'd given them an order and they'd broken it. Sam stared out the window. Dean was busy writing something on the back of a grocery receipt with a tiny stub of pencil. Leaning across the seat, Sam peered over his brother's arm in an attempt to see what it was.

"What's that?" he whispered.

"My Will," Dean whispered back. "'Cause you know when we get home he's gonna kill me." He gave Sam an earnest look. "You can have my Walkman."

"Can I have your watch too?"


"Why not?"

"Cause I'm giving that to Dad."

"Why are you gonna give something to the person who is gonna kill you in the first place?"

"Cause I don't know anyone else."

Sam snorted. "Dork – ow!" He rubbed his arm when Dean slugged him.

--And So This is Christmas, (FF)paperbkryter (gen, Wee!chesters)


[Dean, handwritten] God how are we even related?

[Sam, handwritten] I ask myself that at least once a day.

[Dean, handwritten] Well at least the sex is good

[Sam, handwritten] Yeah at least there's that


[Dean, handwritten] You've got a thing about being my boyfriend don't you? Want it all official? Want me to bring you flowers and candy and shit?

[Sam, handwritten] If you bring me shit I'll deny you sex for life.

--The Third Morning, by masterlist415, (Sam/Dean)


Sam once told Castiel that arguing with Dean was like arguing with an exceptionally stubborn brick wall and that there was no point in wasting your breath. Castiel had explained to Sam that he had infinite breath and that Dean was not stupid and would surely see logic if it was explained to him properly. Sam had laughed and patted Castiel on the cheek and told him he was adorable.


"We're talking about effective management strategies for ruling Hell," Sam says.

It takes a moment for Dean to realize that Sam is being completely serious.

Castiel nods. "I was initially thinking of following a corporate model, but that hasn't been all that effective."

"Yeah," Sam agrees. "How exactly do you come up with a mission statement for Hell?"

Dean blinks. He needs beer. Or possibly whiskey. This is definitely at least a four shot conversation.

"Then I was thinking maybe following more of a classroom management style," Castiel explained.

"What? Give all the little demons stickers if they behave?" Dean asks.

Castiel frowns at him. "I'm not sure that would be very effective with demons."

Four shots are definitely not going to be enough.


Next, Castiel takes him to Vatican City. When Dean realizes where they are, he looks at Castiel incredulously. "You have got to be fucking kidding me!"

"I am," Castiel says and takes them to Amsterdam instead.

--Public Enemy #1, by sparky77, (Dean/Castiel)


“I don’t know what paper, rock, scissors is,” Castiel says.

“I’ll show you,” Dean says. “And the Sam can officiate the match to make sure I’m not cheating.”

“I’m trying to do actual research here,” Sam complains.

“Whatever, it will only take two minutes.”

“Fine,” Sam sighs. “Let me know when you’re ready. I’ll be over here doing actual work.”

An hour later, Dean is still explaining Rock, Paper, Scissors to Castiel except they have somehow moved onto Rock Salt, Porn, Pie and Dean is now trying to explain to Cas how Pie beats Rock Salt and Porn beats Pie. Sam wants to tell them to shut up, but Dean is laughing, really laughing, so Sam lets it go.

--Spilt Milk, by sparky77, (Dean/Castiel)


Sam bowed his head as his dad chastised him for being late. In the previous year, Sam would have stuck up for himself, explained that he’d arrived as quickly as possible, but the days of trying to reason with his dad were over. He’d come to the sad conclusion that his dad loved him but didn’t particularly like him. That was okay with Sam; most days the feeling was mutual.


Rogers’ lips turned downward in a deep frown. Sam had the inexplicable urge to laugh as he imagined this guy’s nickname being Jolly Rogers; he’d never seen a less jolly person in his life. If the agent told him to walk the plank, he wouldn’t be responsible for his actions.

--Love Hurts, heatherofnight, (Sam/Dean)


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