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My Recs: Wincest #2
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simonejester wrote in spnverticalfile
My Recs #3: Wincest #2

Informed Consent, by concernedlily. Early S4. Tattoos, toppy!Sam and bottom!Dean, first time, so scorching hot. (NC-17)

can be deceiving, by bertee. Early S3. Outsider POV. (PG-13)

Hell's Antiques are NOT Sex Toys!, by lori_leaf and bertee. Dean begs to differ. BoyKing!Sam/Evil!Dean, various demons. Utterly cracktastic. (NC-17) (Podfic!)

But If You Ask Me Who (It's Always Been You), by lazy_daze. Shmooptastically shmooptacular. Also, hot gay Ghostbusters. :P (R)

The Trophy Case, by cherie_morte at infatuated_ink. Smut and shmoop. Schmutt? Also hurt/comfort dealing with Dean no longer having his scars after the beginning of S4. (NC-17)

In Paradise, All is Forgiven, by cherie_morte at infatuated_ink. This one is super hurty but has a happy ending. Includes a lovely helpful-as-he-can-be Cas. (PG-13)

In the Hearts of Honest Men, by wraith816. In which Dean is thankful and Sam is a smartass. (PG-13)

He Who Fights With Monsters, by bellajayd. It's John POV but not a John-finds-out story. Starts pre-series and goes AU from there. (PG-13)

I Got Some Beer and the Highway's Free, by musesfool. Domestic fic, post-S3 as Dean recovers from Hell. (PG-13)

it's not the years, honey, it's the mileage, by ignited. Post-S3 futurefic in which Dean is a film professor and Sam is in artifact acquisition. (NC-17)

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Thank you so much for these!!!

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did! :)

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