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My Recs: Gen #1
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simonejester wrote in spnverticalfile
My Recs #4: Gen #1

High Minded, by alethialia. Dean gets "spooged on" by a posessed clump of mushrooms and goes on a fucking hilarious trip. Seriously, the world needs more of this type of crack!fic. Or rather shroom!fic. :P (PG-13) Also, the podfic is freaking awesome and has its own laugh track. XD

Light, Refracted, by alethialia. It's a dark twist on the Pilot. I'm impressed with how in-character this is, even with all the alterations from canon. (Gen, R)

Brought to you by the letter "I", by bertee. Not-Wincest. Castiel compares Sam and Dean to Bert and Ernie after "learning" from Dean that Bert and Ernie are gay. (PG-13)

Just Another Kid, by (FF)CagedTroll. An outsider's POV on the Winchesters after a high school Sam breaks his wrist during practice. Pre-series, gen. (PG?) (Also, podfic.)

Half-caf double-vanilla, by pianoforeplay. Sam and coffee, pre-series to S6. Dean POV. (PG-13)

Seven Warning Signs Your Brother is Having a Midlife Crisis, by debbiel66. Dean is acting strangely. Sam is worried and later suspicious and later touched. But not that kind of touched for once. ;P (R for language) (Podfic!)

Laugh With The Sinners, Cry With The Saints by (FF)CagedTroll. Gen. Hurty as fuck. I cried several times. I'd forgotten that fic of this quality could be found at ff.net. (PG-13 I guess)

Peanuts, by kalliel. Stanford era. Jess and Sam's other Stanford friends want him to talk about his past. Sam doesn't want to. So one of them makes up a rather sordid past. This does not go over well with Sam. (PG-13)

Locks on the Door, by chasingtides. Dean Winchester's queer experience. Goes pre-series to "It's A Terrible Life." Love Sam at the end. XD (PG-13)

Equal Opportunity, by cleflink. Dean/Everything and poor Sam whenever he gets an eye-full or too much detail afterward. Five things Dean had sex with that weren't human. (Can read one section as Destiel if you feel like it, I suppose.) (PG)


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