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My Recs: Gen #2
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simonejester wrote in spnverticalfile
My Recs #5: Gen #2

Sapphires in his Eyes, by quellefromage. Coda to "A Very Supernatural Christmas." Dean plays Santa with stolen presents and Sam gets a sparkly present. (PG for language)

Everything I Know About Marine Biology I Learned from My Brother, by kroki_refur. Dean discovers the other use for the internet, classifying the different forms of Sammy. Cracktastic. (PG-13)

Summer Camp, by gigglingkat. John sends seven-year-old Dean to a week-long summer camp. Hijinks ensue. This will alternately make you sad for someone and crack your shit up. (G) (Podfic!)

Sandwich Fueled Righteousness, by uselessplayback. Dammit, Demons, Cas just wants to eat the awesome sandwich Dean made him! Crack, with awesome cracky art. Sam's faaaaace! :D (G)

White Lamb, by (FF)liliaeth. Criminal Minds crossover. Sam becomes an FBI agent at the BAU and doesn't believe in the supernatural anymore...until he and the BAU meet up with Dean, who's trying to stop the alpha shapeshifter. Background Sam/Jess, minor Sam/Garcia. (PG)

At Night, by (FF)pixel-0. AU of "Faith" where there's no reaper-controlling faith healer's wife and Dean dies slowly. Hell of a tearjerker. (PG)

all you need is faith, by race_the_ace. Sam and Jess, Sam and Dean, free hugs.

Getting to Gone, by mara_snh. Sam POV in the couple of years before he leaves for Stanford. Excellent little details and wow, this is the tearjerkiest gen fic I've read in a long time. (R)

NS: Two for "Porky's II", by mara_snh. A little Supernatural flashback to 1998 or thereabouts, to explain why Sammy said "Porky's II" (in "Monster Movie") when Dean made him guess what movie he was thinking life should be like. Gen, but can be read as pre-slash. XD (PG I guess.)

Gone With the Wendigo, by (AO3)bellatemple. A Season 7 AU crossover/fusion with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Not as cracky as you might think. There's plot and great dialogue (I collected at least three quotes from this story) and even a happy ending, which Sam and Dean never seem to get outside fanfic. (Also, this fic has convinced me to actually sit down and watch all of MLP:FIM.) (PG-13)


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